Episode 29: Become a Culinary Ninja with Paleo Nick

Episode 28: Getting Strong & Lean with RP Strength CEO Nick Shaw

Episode 27b: An 8-Minute Guided Meditation

Episode 27a: An Intro to Guided Meditation

Episode 26: Between Chief and Coach with Chief Jim Band

Episode 25: The Photograph

Episode 24: CrossFit Games Athlete and Hayward PD Chief Diane Urban

Episode 23: Traver Boehm and the Year to Live Project

Episode 22: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly with Traver Boehm. 

Episode 21: Navy SEAL Clint Bruce on Leadership, Mentorship, and Being Better Than Excellent. 

Episode 20: Andy Petranek on CrossFit, Performance Optimization, and the Whole Life Challenge

Episode 19: SWAT Sergeant and CrossFit Games Athlete Freddy Camacho on Nightshift, and the Importance of Beer and Kool-Aid. 

Episode 18: Minisode: The One You Feed

Episode 17: Navy SEAL Mikal Vega on Traumatic Brain Injury, Surviving PTSD, and How Doctors Nearly Killed Him

Episode 16: Scott McGee: SWAT Officer, WODcast PODcast co-host, and Eternal Optimist 

Episode 15: “Living a CrossFit Life with Sergeant, CrossFit Games Athlete and Entreprenuer Bryan Wadkins”

Episode 14: “Get Your Grill On with Chef Joel Chapman”

Episode 13: “Mobility, Stability and Your Front Butt with Dr. Steve Politis”

Episode 12: “Change is Hard and I’m Being a Baby About It”

Episode 11: “Finding Balance in Life and Leadership with Ed Aceves”

Epsiode 10: Dr Kirk Parsley and Optimizing Your Sleep

Episode 9: “Better is Better” with Traver Boehm 

Episode 8: “Healing Your Back and Your Body with Foundation Training Creator Dr. Eric Goodman”

Episode 7: “With Help, Life Gets Better. PTSD with Dr. Joel Fay”

Episode 6: “Maybe It’ll Save My Life.”

Episode 5: “The Excuses We Tell Ourselves”

Episode 4: “You are an Athlete, You Need a Coach”

Episode 3: “Greg Amundson: You as a Tactical Athlete” 

Episode 2: “The Affliction of My Current Condition”

Episode 1: “Hello, My Name Is….”