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When I was recovering from a t-12 compression fracture in my vertebrae in 2011-2012, I was dealing with chronic pain in my thoracic spine. My back muscles were overcompensating and in constant spasm. That created a real problem, because I needed a strong back to prevent overcompensation, but I couldn’t develop that because I was in spasms which didn’t allow me to lift which kept me weak.

The vest and uniform didn’t help, limiting my flexibility and pulling down on spine causing it to stay in a constantly rounded position.

I was also given strict orders not to return to my chiropractor for any manual adjustments or “cracking” movements.

Damn. What am I to do?

Enter Foundations Training

Dr. Eric Goodman is a chiropractor by trade and schooling, but you’ll he’ll share with you his own story of debilitating back pain in this episode. Dr. Goodman created a program known as “Foundations” which he now teaches all over the world. I picked up his book in 2012 and began doing the exercises, many which are variations on core work you’re likely already familiar with.

Guess what? It worked. 

Foundations Training is a mix of yoga style poses, body weight exercises, and core work. But, the emphasis is on the back and posterior chain, not your gut and stomach, and he explains why “core” is often a misused, and misunderstood concept that causes many people to focus on the wrong areas of their body.

If you have back pain, you have something in common with Matthew McConaughey, Rob Lowe, professional surfer Lakey Peterson, LA Laker Derek Fisher, MLB player Bryan Peterson, Lance Armstrong and “the Dude” himself Jeff Bridges.

And they all sing it’s praises and I don’t know about you but if the dude abide’s, so do I (sorry, I love that movie).

When I started The Squad Room, I created a list of guests I’d like to have on the show. Dr. Goodman was high on that list and I lucked out. He came through town to teach his certification course and he was eager to chat, and it turns out that not only is he a genuine and caring guy, but he’s very pro-law enforcement and he really understands the rigors of our work.

In this episode we dive into a lot of great stuff:

  • His recommendation for pre- and post-work stretching (video link)
  • His TEDx talk (video link)
  • The relationship between pain and low grade inflammation
  • Why he chose to go gluten-free
  • The importance of gut bacteria for your back and health
  • Your diet’s effects on your pain
  • His opinion on the current “ice or not to ice” debate
  • Why you might be in a co-dependent relationship with your physician
  • What vitamins and supplements he recommends and uses, or doesn’t use
  • His morning and night time routines
  • The importance of decompression work and his prescription (video link)

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Check out for a ton of free videos and a lot of free advice and plenty of exercises to get you started.

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