Dr. Jay Nagdimon is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and is board certified in Police and Public Safety Psychology.

For over the past decade, Dr. Nagdimon has been a member of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Behavioral Science Services Unit. It’s a unique idea and LAPD has invested into paying attention to the mental health of their officers.

As Dr. Nagdimon says in this episode, psychological therapy for police is often more like performance enhancement and sports psychology than it is just something you have to do after a critical incident (i.e. “gotta go see the shrink”). Dr. Nagdimon works with in-service officers with marital problems, financial issues and all the other stressors that come with our lifestyle.

In this episode, Dr. Nagdimon gives you the 6 R’s of Resilience. We also talk about cognitive distortions that prevent us from achieving our goals and living the most fulfilling life possible. He gives us tips on how to deal with these distortions, and how we should implement a path towards resilience.

He also walks through the 3 most important things you need to be doing to perform, feel, and think at your best (hint: none of them are about getting therapy).