Tony Horton doesn’t need much of an introduction. As the creator of P90X he went from being a personal trainer to musicians like Tom Petty and Billy Idol to being a household name and face.

A lot of cops, myself included, have done P90X and it’s really one of the first introductions most of us ever had to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I think my love of CrossFit was an extension of the success I had with P90X.

P90X is still around, as well as his new program “22 Minute Hard Corps” which pays tribute to our military personnel. Yet, despite selling over 1 BILLION dollars in P90X material, Tony continues to seek out ways to improve himself and his clients. In our connected world today, Tony’s client list potentially includes anyone with an internet connection. He really sees anyone who purchased P90X as a personal training client, not a couch potato who wanted a quick fix from an infomercial.

He has a new course called “Living Large” that he did in conjunction with and Brendan Buchard.

Tony is a huge supporter of law enforcement and it was an honor to have him on the show.

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22 Minute Hard Corps

The book that changed Tony’s life: The Magic Lamp by Keith Ellis

Tony’s book: The Big Picture: 11 Laws that Will Change Your Life

Tony’s Website:

Tony’s Living Large course

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