Scott Reitz is a retired member of LAPD’s elite Metropolitan Division or “Metro” where he served 10 years on their SWAT team. Scott is also the author of The Art of Modern Gunfighting: The Pistol Volume 1 and the owner and lead instructor for International Tactical Training Seminars.

Scott was the lead firearms instructor for Metro Division and has taught courses to Tier 1 special operations teams and law enforcement agencies around the country. Scott is also a use of force expert and he spends a lot of his time in court defending officers in criminal and civil litigation.

Having been involved in 5 officer-involved shootings (two within a week, and one during the LA Riots), Scott is uniquely qualified to talk about the dynamics of a gunfight, how to train to win, and how to win in court.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What his own officer-involved shootings taught him about preparation.
  • His two “universal truths” of gunfights.
  • How competency and command presence prevented numerous shootings throughout his career.
  • Training for mental composure.
  • How to develop a Combat Mindset.
  • Drills you can take to the range to begin improving.
  • Why speed is often mistaken for competence, and why you should slow down when you shoot.

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