Sgt. Wilson is the founder and the man behind the hugely popular Instagram page @policefitnessnutrition. His page has exploded over the last two years and has a following of 78,ooo followers as of this episode.

We’ve been in touch since The Squad Room started and I’ve always wanted to have him on the show. Sgt. Wilson has always gone out of his way to promote our mutual goal of helping officers get healthy. He does it on Instagram and I do it here on the podcast. Sgt. Wilson has built a small but successful social media empire – a success he attributes to his PFN reps around the world. These reps aren’t just ambassadors of his brand, but they’re examples of fitness in law enforcement.

What I like best is that the page is always filled with positive messages, inspiring people, and great health tips. I always love his posts. In this episode we cover:

  • The one call for service that caused him to start Police Fitness & Nutrition
  • His history in law enforcement
  • His department’s attitude towards his page.
  • His personal workout and nutrition routines
  • His supplementation routines
  • The differences between east and west coast sheriff’s departments.
  • Getting promoted to supervisor and being assigned to supervise your friends
  • …and more.

It’s a fun conversation between two Sheriff’s Sergeants on opposite coasts

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