Mark Rippetoe probably doesn’t need an introduction for many of you. The author of “Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training” and “Practical Programming for Strength Training” has been training athletes for 40+ years.

Mark is as well-know for his strong opinions as he is for his expertise and he shares them on this episode.

We cover:

– Why you need to train, and not exercise.

– What popular programs masquerade as training but are really just exercise (fellow Crossfitters I’m looking at you).

– The difference between training and a performance.

– Why doing anything more than 5 reps of anything is pretty much useless.

– Why strength training will accomplish your goals.

It was a really fun conversation and I just scratched the surface of what I wanted to cover. Time flew so I hope we can have him back on to plunge down the rabbit hole of strength and conditioning.

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