Green Beret and founder of Guerrilla Approach Training returns to the show to talk about what it takes to survive these days as a cop. Since Aaron’s last appearance on the show – a very popular episode 36 – he’s been traveling around the country engaging with law enforcement from all over the country.

He’s learned from, and taught to, a lot of front line leaders who are actively taking a part in their own defense. I’m sure many of you, okay, most of you are like me in that my department just doesn’t have the resources to give us the constant training and repetition that we really need. When they do, it often seems to go to SWAT and specialized units with the intent that it will “trickle down” to patrol but that rarely seems to happen anywhere.

Aaron’s great at discussing the purpose behind the tactics, and questioning many of the common “skills” and tactics you see promoted on social media. Many are valid, many are not, but Aaron’s goal is to get people to think for themselves rather than accept the dogma of a social media gunfighter – even if that gunfighter is Aaron himself.

We had a great discussion that included how to do your own stress inoculation when you’re doing your own training, why he’s been focusing on tactics around vehicles recently, and what he has planned for 2017 with active shooter response (though we both agree in this episode that “active shooter” is an often overused and broad category.

Aaron will continue teaching his courses into 2017. Check out his website for a schedule of classes around the country.

Follow him on Instagram and here some of his philosophies directly from him. It’s like gun porn with purpose.

Here’s the link to the Foreign Policy op-ed we discuss during the show

The video he shot for Panteao Productions is available for download or hard copy purchase here.

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