Traver Boehm returns to the show after a wild adventure all over the western hemisphere the last 11 months. Listen to episodes 1 and 2 to learn more about Traver, and to episode 23 to hear about what happened in his life that provoked him to begin the “Year to Live” project. It’s all pretty powerful stuff.

Traver’s a badass. A former NCAA athlete, professional MMA fighter, body guard, and CrossFit coach and entrepreneur. But he’s also a licensed acupuncturist, writer and speaker. He’s the definition of a Peaceful Warrior.

Traver was able to stop by and catch up and tell his about his adventures – volunteering in hospice, spending 28 days in complete darkness, and another 28 days in the wilderness. It’s kind of nuts.

We skip over an important topic on accident, his TedX talk that he gave, “How to Make Pain Your Guru.”

It’s epic. Powerful.

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