John Welbourn is a lot of things.

  • 9-year NFL veteran with the Eagles, Chiefs and the Patriots with 3 NFC Championship appearances.
  • The founder of CrossFit Football
  • CrossFit Games Athlete in 2008
  • CrossFit Level 1 & 2 coach.
  • Creator of Power Athlete HQ and JohnnieWOD

John has his own podcast, Power Athlete Radio that dives deep on training and conditioning.

What many don’t know, is that John was also at one time a reserve police officer himself. If you follow him on Instagram you also know he likes his guns, and trains on the range like he trains in the gym.

That gives John a lot of unique insights into our lives and the challenge of being a cop – a tactical athlete.

For example, even though John is a CrossFit coach, he explains that CrossFit alone cannot accommodate our needs (and he provides some suggestions).

John is also our first guest (I think) to talk about the specifics of the weight we carry. Others have talked in generalities about the “heavy gun belt” but John dives deeper, reminding us that “ounces equal pounds” and that when we’re on duty, we need to look at our whole system and how it effects our movement. He’s got his own story about how his gear choices created poor performance on patrol.

He’s got a couple funny cop stories too.

John has a popular blog called “Talk to me Johnnie” that he’s compiled into a new book. He’s offering Squad Room listeners a discount on the book. Use the coupon code SQUAD (all caps) for 20% off!

It’s an awesome episode. Tons of great information from a guy who clearly loves cops and is on our side. We need those guys.

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