For as long as I’ve paid attention to the UFC, Tim Kennedy has been my favorite fighter. Hands down. But honestly, it has very little to do with what he does inside the ring. It’s everything he does outside of it.

UFC Fighter, Army Green Beret, Entreprenuer as a co-founder of Ranger Up, aspiring cop….

Wait, what? Aspiring cop?

Well, not anymore actually but there was a time in Tim’s life where he was committed to serving as a law enforcement officer. He even completed the academy and had job offers on the table.

Oddly, one of those was from my own department. Small world. Turns out he grew up about 90 minutes away from me. I have partners who remember him from the academy. I was glad to know when they reported back that he was as intense then as he is now.

Because Tim can be intense. He’s openly invited ISIS to his home to try and kill him. Tim made a recent post about PTSD that got a lot of attention and controversy – a post we talk a lot about in this episode. The conversation was intense. It actually left me speechless (in a good way).

After 9/11, Tim dropped the idea of law enforcement and enlisted in the Army, quickly gaining a spot in the Green Berets.

Tim’s brother and father are both career law enforcement and he has a passionate place in his heart for those of us who protect and serve. Given his unique background, he’s on a mission to help law enforcement and engaged citizens train to get better at protecting themselves and others – being hard to kill.

Tim is fighting in UFC205 at Madison Square Gardens on November 12th.

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