I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve become a bit of an Instagram addict. I deleted Facebook from my phone after reading too much idiotic crap from both sides of the aisle and all the anti-cop rhetoric. But Instagram, I couldn’t shake it.

Turned out to be a good thing.

Because one day I saw a user name that intrigued me after it “liked” a post: @huge_fat_loser.

What sort of self-loathing individual would have such a username? I had to click on the profile to find out.

I’m glad I did.

It brought me to the account of NYPD Officer Aaron Lohman. Turns out Aaron doesn’t hate himself. He just hates being fat.

So, he did something about it and started losing weight. He’s lost a lot and he’s still going. About 87 pounds as of our conversation.

Get it?

Huge fat loser.

I started following Aaron on Instagram, then found his blog of the same name where he tells his journey as a cop, father, and husband who is trying to get a handle on his health. He’s basically the east coast version of me. A guy who realized he needed to make some changes and decided to try and help others in the process.

Aaron’s a veteran officer currently in a specialty assignment in Queens. I used to live in NYC in 1999-2000 and watching NYPD work was one of the first inklings that I might be ready for a career change.

It’s a really fun conversation with a regular guy, with regular and real challenges, who’s decided to take control and stop making excuses.

Aaron on Instagram: @huge_fat_loser

Aaron on Facebook

Aaron’s blog: www.hugefatloser.com

The Squad Room Instagram: @thesquadroom

The Squad Room Facebook

Book I mention about NYPD: “Blue Blood” by Edward Conlon