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Dr. Kirk Parsley (@docparsley)┬áis back! He’s our first return guest and I wanted to have him back on the show because I, and many of you, had so many questions for him after his last appearance in episode 10.

If you’re just diving into fixing your sleep hygiene, give episode 10 a listen first. This is almost a “part 2” kind of episode. We skip the basics we covered in episode 10 and dive head first into the complicated and confusing worlds of sleep, metabolic syndrome, low testosterone, metabolism during night shift and many other topics.

Get a pen and paper ready because it moves fast!

Doc also gives his perspective on how he and other physicians really aren’t “healthcare providers,” but really just “disease care providers.”

If you haven’t heard of Doc Parsley, well, that’s on you. Parsley is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, and after his active time in the teams, served as the physician for the west coast teams. Navy SEAL AND physician – he knows something about not getting much sleep.

Here are the show notes:

Book Doc Parsley recommends: Chronotherapy

Doc Parlsey’s Sleep Remedy

Twitter: @docparsley

According to Doc Parsley, who does he think add value in the wellness industry? Here are his endorsements.

Chris Kresser

Mark Sisson

John Welbourne

Robb Wolf

My Sleep Cocktail: Vitamin D, Magnesium, and 5-HTP.