James is the winner of the inaugural CrossFit Games, way back in the old’n days of 2007. Seems like a long ways away from the StubHub Center and the “sport of fitness” it is today.

James is a huge supporter of first responders and he jumped at the opportunity to come on the show. We need more people like him in our corner. He understands the dynamics involved, and all of the negative things that can accrue over a career and he CARES about fixing it.

James’ main job these days is running OPEX Fitness in Scottsdale, AZ. What that means for him is he is really a coach of coaches. He’s got strong opinions about the difference between an instructor and a coach and I really enjoyed hearing his thoughts.

James’ knowledge and expertise predates CrossFit and he’s been coaching athletes and coaches for a long time. James founded OPEX Fitness (originally O.P.T.) in 1999, using functional fitness to make some of the world’s best athletes.

He’s got some very interesting ideas on programming, and we talk specifically about how we as tactical athletes need to plan our programming. We talk about what movements you need to add to your workouts that are specific to enhancing our ability to do work in a gun belt and with all of the sedentary aspects of the job.

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