Aaron Barruga signed up for the Army after 9/11, and was offered a fast track into Special Forces (SF), eventually serving as a Green Beret.

Aaron completed nearly 9 years of service along with 3 combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Pacific.

After getting out of the Army, Aaron created Guerrilla Approach firearms training (that name will make more sense after listening to the episode).

In this episode, we cover a lot of interesting stuff. Aaron was a live in-studio guest so we had a great conversation – and you’ll notice that it went a lot longer than most episodes but I think you’ll enjoy the conversation.

We talk about:

  • His service, why he signed up, and why he left the military.
  • His fascinating story about how his grandfather was recruited into the first version of Special Forces for WWII.
  • The process of being selected for Special Forces, and the mentality it takes to get there.
  • The challenges of being true to your needs without letting down your buddies.
  • His take on the current state of firearms training and where he sees mistakes being made.
  • Stress inoculation and handling adversity.
  • His opinion on who a warrior is, and how it’s become a commercialized term.

…and over the course of nearly 2 hours we talk about plenty more.

Follow Aaron on Instagram @guerrilla_approach, Check it out for some videos that’ll have you loading mags past minute waiting for the range to open.

And here’s that link to the Article 15 video poking fun at the current cadre of YouTube firearms experts. It’s pretty hilarious, as is most everything they do. CAUTION: NSFW!

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