KP is our guest on this episode. KP and her partner “DC” started the Instagram page @fitcops about two years ago with the goal of providing motivation and inspiration to other law enforcement officers in the pursuit of their own health and fitness.

To say they’ve succeeded is an understatement.

The Instagram account has nearly 60,000 followers at this point, and KP herself (@kpatfitcops) has turned herself – inadvertently – into the social media queen of law enforcement.

They now run and have their own clothing line, calendars and other merchandise.

They also post weekly workouts under the hastag #fitcopsworkoutbriefing.

Whether it’s #Transformation_Tuesday, #wcw (Woman Crush Wednesday), #flex_friday, #staysafe_saturday or even #sideboob_sunday, they present a lot of great information and motivation in the social media space.

Instagram and Twitter: @fitcops

KP on Instagram @kpatfitcops


KP hooked us up with a 15% discount on their store through July 4th, 2016. Use coupon code SQUADROOM15

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This episode of The Squad Room is brought to you by SB Tactical and the iCombat Active Shooter training system. I got to experience this system in my department’s quarterly training long before I got to know the guys over at SB Tactical and I have to tell you it is the BEST training system for law enforcement in active-shooter scenario training.

This is not a simulation system, it’s a replication system. Because of this, you can take it anywhere. There’s no site preparation, no ammo costs, and none of the safety issues that come with live-fire or SIMS training. Check out the videos of their training at Burbank airport to see the iCombat Active Shooter training system in action.

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