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George is just a good guy. These days, there’s just less of him. A lot less.

George is a peace officer in Ohio in the Cleveland area. In college I dated a girl from Cleveland and I grew up a Broncos fan so that makes George my favorite thing from Cleveland!  Like me, George had an on-duty incident a few years ago that crystalized for him the very real dangers of staying fat and out of shape. He talks about it on the show.

George did something about it – losing over 50 pounds and getting in better shape than the academy.

George did more than just lose weight. He saw that he wasn’t the only one going through these issues, and that other cops needed help. He saw the opportunity to launch – a blog with a lot of resources for officers.

Even before I had released my first episode of The Squad Room, George reached out to me and was super enthusiastic, supportive, and excited for the launch of the podcast.

George’s story of losing weight was enough for me to have him on the show. His blog for cops was another reason on it’s own. Then George knocked it out of the park. George just released his new book Lean & Fierce: Tactical Fitness for Sheepdogs

George created a whole training program with e-book, cookbook, accountability journals – a lot of great things to keep you on track, or get you on track if you’re not sure where to start.

George’s story of taking control of his fitness is reason enough to check out this episode, and then go over to to learn more about George, his journey and all the information he’s compiled to help his partners.

This episode is brought to you by SB Tactical and the iCombat Pro replication pistol. The iCombat Pro is a version of the iCombat Active Shooter Training System designed for the individual officer. Check it out in the pro shop at Also check out my first guest blog post on their site about the first time I used their active shooter system.

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