After having Whole Life Challenge co-founder Andy Petranek as a guest on episode 20, I wanted to try another one. My wife and I participated in the Whole Life Challenge that started in January. We both had a lot of success – and a few missteps.

My wife, of course, killed it and exceeded her goals. Me? I got close and as usual, I was my own worst enemy.

This minisode is a quick recap of my experience and it provides some insights if you’re looking into trying a Whole Life Challenge.

Another round of the Whole Life Challenge starts on May 7th and early registration ends soon so I thought I’d get this up now.

This mini episode is sponsored by SB Tactical and the iCombat Pro. The iCombat Pro is a force replication firearm that you can use in the safety of your living room. No more dry firing at some masking tape on the wall. Check out their system at where you can read my first guest post on their blog about my first experience using iCombat.

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