Today’s guest is Nick Massie. Nick is better known to some of you as PaleoNick. Nick is CrossFit’s resident chef and a lot of his videos are featured on and in the CrossFit Journal. He’s also the instructor for the CrossFit Culinary Ninja course.

Nick is a classically trained chef who has worked in some of the world’s best restaurants. What I didn’t know was that Nick is also a gym owner – or was – having opened two different CrossFit boxes during his young life.

If you’ve been listening to this show, you know how much I hate night shift and this week marks the end of my most recent 4 month nightshift rotation.

One thing I struggle with on night shift is the midnight lunch and the meal prep that goes with it. I always crave hot food and my reheated leftovers are constantly a battle to gulp down over In-n-Out or other horrible food choices that are open late.

So, during this rotation I tried a few meal delivery services – the kind that ship you frozen premade meals in dry ice. All of them had some benefits and some cons until I tried Nick’s.

I want to by clear here. Nick or Ice Age Meals are NOT sponsors of this show and they’re not paying for this. I want to be very mindful that when I talk about something I’ve found success with, that you understand I’m sharing it because I like it and it works for me.

Anyways, Ice Age Meals are strictly paleo and they’re friggen delicious.  They’re sizeable and how he manages to get flavors like that in a frozen meal is kinda ridiculous. Also, one negative of some meal deliveries was that the food was soggy after the microwave. Nick’s Ice Age Meals didn’t have that.

You’re probably wondering if it’s expensive. Well, yeah it is. It’s high-quality food prepared for you and delivered to your door. But here’s how I see it. It’s my fat tax.

If I were to meal prep for four shifts, I need 12 meals plus snacks. Even if I eat the same 3 meals every night that’s still 3 different recipes and I have to shop, prep the food, cook the food, package the food, and clean up all the dishes. Weekly, I figure that I spend about 4 hours doing all of this. When I consider what I make by the hour at work, and the costs of the food on top of that – it’s actually cheaper to buy these meals.

But, I get that that tweak of economics might not fly in your house. So, I’d say that the meals average about $10-$11 each. If I were to cave and buy food out, it’d be about $7-8 on the cheap end. So, is it worth another $2-3 bucks to buy something healthy? For me, it is.

So, for a guy who preps thousands of meals a day, keeps them paleo, and makes them flavorful, I thought that he’d be a good guest to talk about meal prep, meal storage and how to make the most out of your food. He’s got some great tips on here for storing your meals to keep them from getting all mushy.

Also, he’s offering a coupon to Squad Room listeners. For 30 days from the release of this episode, he’s offering a 15% discount on all Ice Age Meals so you can give them a try. At checkout, enter the coupon code THESQUADROOM for your discount.

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