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If you’ve been waiting for an episode that will give you tips and advice on how to combine your nutrition and your training, this is it.

If you’ve been waiting for an episode where we don’t talk about CrossFit the entire time, this is it too!

Nick Shaw is a competitive body builder and CEO of Renaissance Periodization – better known as RP Strength. Nick’s company takes a scientific approach to nutrition and training, applying those principles and rigors to their products.

When I say “science” I don’t mean high-school level biology. Nick’s staff includes 9 Ph.D’s, 3 professors, 2 research scientists, an M.D., a Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach, 2 registered dietitians, 4 college level coaches, and 2 world champion athletes.

Nick has five nutritional “priorities” that are going to make the difference in your diet. They are:

  1. Consistency
  2. Caloric Balance
  3. Macronutrient Distribution
  4. Nutrient Timing
  5. Food Quality

In this episode, I get a lot of questions answered, such as:

  • How do I lose weight without losing the strength I gained in 2015?
  • How should I look at cheat days. Should I limit to a cheat meal? Or none?
  • The importance of timing carb intake.
  • What macronutrient do you need to cut to lose weight? (hint: it’s not in the pasta!)
  • The benefits of casein protein.
  • The myths of eating carbohydrates before bed.

I learned about them when Freddy Camacho was on the show and he had his wife Chyna Cho are both clients. Freddy was raving about his results and how he feels, and that he drinks Kool-Aid during his workouts on the orders of his RP Strength program. Wait, what? – Kool-Aid?

In fact, many top level CrossFitters, Olympic lifters, and power lifters are all clients. Since we too are athletes – tactical athletes – I thought it’d be good to have him on the show to pick his brain.


To win a free RP Strength nutrition template (a $99 value) text RPGIVEAWAY to 44222. You’ll select from any of the template diet plans. They take your current body weight and your goals and they give you a detailed 3-month plan.

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