In this episode you’ll get a chance to learn  more about how Traver taught me to meditate, and he’s going to help you too. After a few minutes of amusing ourselves, we jump into a guided meditation together. Give it a shot if you’re “meditation curious” but still identify as a non-meditator.

Also, in episode 27b, we cut out all the witty banter and leave you with just the guided meditation. So, if you find it useful, keep that episode on your phone and you can always go back to it.

Resources we talk about in this episode:

Headspace: I love this app and I use it most times I’m meditation. The narrator’s voice is like a warm hug and the first 10 sessions are free. It’s also a guided meditation program.

Insight timer: This is a simple, and free app for your phone with – you guessed it – timers that help you keep track of your time. The alerts are nice and calming, not jarring like the native sounds on the iphone timers.

Muse:  I’ve never used this headset but I’ve heard others rave about it. It’s pricey. Through some sort of science I must’ve failed in high school, it reads your brain waves and gives you audio feedback about how well you’re slowing your thoughts. Normally I’d call B.S. but like I said, I’ve heard too many people give it props to think it’s a scam.

Traver’s blog at has a lot on meditation and so too with his Facebook page. You should really “like” it already and get some value.

In fact, as this episode is released, he’s halfway through a 30-day meditation challenge with daily tips and motivation so really, there’s no better way to get on top of this.

Good luck!