This is a unique episode because we’re turning the tables on Traver as he becomes the subject of the episode.

This episode is also going to require that you keep an open mind. But more on that later.

Almost a year ago to the day of this release, I came to Traver with the idea of starting this podcast to dive into the issues of health and wellness that affect first responders, using myself as a physical guinea pig of sorts and an emotional punching bag of another sort to navigate towards better health and in turn share that information in hopes that others can benefit as well.

Traver was the only guy I considered to be a part of this. If you ever get a chance to meet him in person, you’ll understand why. Traver has an energy inside him that is hard to describe but easy to see. Its as if his skin can barely contain the kinetic energy of a guy who wants to change the world.

I told him during that meeting that I had a complete belief that he was destined for things bigger than owning a gym and that I wanted first crack at his wisdom before he got too famous for me.

I still believe that.

I intended for Traver to be my guru, my swami, my coach and trainer and mentor in all things health and mindfulness.

After all, what’re the chances I’d find another former pro MMA fighter, professional bodyguard and CrossFit coach who also has a graduate degree in acupuncture, studies Eastern religions and meditates daily.

To say that the last year has been transformational for me is an understatement.

Judging by the emails I get, the same can be said for many of you.

But it’s also true for Traver.

During that initial pitch of the idea of The Squad Room, I didn’t know that Traver was in the midst of a transformation of his own, one that was going to closely mirror my own over the next year.

I’m not going to give anything away. You’re going to have to listen to the episode. It’s pretty dramatic.

Traver fulfilled his role as my coach this past year in the exact way I had hoped, and that I needed in order for The Squad Room to be the kind of introspective podcast I wanted.

On keeping an open mind.

If you listen to this podcast, I tend to think you’re already someone who has the ability to find perspective and keep an open mind. After all, you’ve put up with me talking about meditation, mental health, and peeing my pants.

That said, Traver talks about some deeply personal issues in this episode. Traver dealth with those issues by smoking a lot of weed.  If this strikes you as hypocritical for a health and wellness coach, you’re right. Because you’re a cop, it might also occur to you that this is criminal behavior (depending on the state you live in). You’re right there too.

In California, where medical marijuana is essentially legalized marijuana, the reaction is likely a resounding…“meh.”

But I know that’s not the case in other states, or regions, and that we in law enforcement still have a general dislike and distrust of marijuana users. I still do. I get it. Traver does too and he knows he’s on a podcast listened to by a lot of cops. That takes guts. I have to respect that he’d prefer to be honest than pretend a part of his story isn’t his.

But to dismiss Traver’s insights about all things, based on this one choice would be to miss an opportunity to learn. And, when you hear Traver in the early episodes talking about the importance of your life decisions and health being in alignment, he knew that he had in recent history himself been out of alignment. So, his lesson was one of personal experience. By the time we hit ‘record’ on episode 1, he was in alignment – in a big way.

I don’t know about you, but I always prefer to learn from people who’ve had personal experience, not just classroom knowledge. It’d be like a range master who got certified because he was really good at Call of Duty.

Stay safe.