In this episode, we recap 2015 and my plans going in to 2016. Traver joins me again to talk about all the gritty personal stuff we haven’t covered with recent guests.

Some highlights:

  • 2015 was my year of getting waaaaay strong. Like scary strong – at least for me.
  • But, I’m still too big. 2016 is the year to banish the extra body weight. But can I do it without losing the strength I’ve gained?
  • New habits have been implemented.
  • I’ve learned it’s all about the planning. Planning is more important than working out, stretching, or meal prep. I am someone who has to plan.
  • I go back to my “why” and how it relates to my job, my family, and this podcast. I share a recent experience that helped reinforce the power of my why and the importance of being in law enforcement.

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