Our guest for this episode is Clint Bruce. I’m not sure where to start with Clint’s resume.

  • U.S. Naval Academy graduate
  • NFL football player
  • Navy SEAL officer (SEAL Team 5, BUD/S class 217)
  • Veteran and first responder advocate.

And frankly, that just scratches the surface. I had the fortune to hear Clint speak on Marcus Lutrell’s Patriot Tour this past fall. I cornered him in the lobby and he agreed on the spot to come on the show.

These days, Clint speaks on leadership and how to be elite – a level he argues that is above excellence.

Clint suggests there are 5 habits of elite achievers. They are:

  1. Curious
  2. Balanced
  3. Tribal
  4. They know their “why”
  5. They share their scars

Clint shares his suggestions on how to develop your own leadership skills, and how to be a leader when you’re not in a formal position of rank. Clint argues, and I agree, that leadership is not about the formal designation given to you by your agency, but the mindset you bring to any position you fill.

Despite his resume, Clint argues that he is average. Not that he is an average achiever mind you, but that he surrounds himself with elite performers like his teammates in the NFL, and the SEAL teams, and as a result, that community makes him average in that group. It’s a great articulation of how I feel about my partners.

Take a listen to Clint. He’s very genuine, and clearly a guy that cares deeply about his communities.

Clint is also the founder of Carrytheload.org. It’s a fantastic organization devoted to bringing the meaning back to Memorial Day. Clint and his organization put in a lot of effort to include first responders in their events and they’re active in Police Week in D.C. You can follow the on Instagram at @carrytheload.

In the interview, I reference a speech he gave at a Naval Academy leadership conference. It’s awesome, click here to watch it.

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