We made it to 20 episodes! 

That’s at least more than that stupid Ferris Bueller’s Day Off television sit-com from the 90’s.

But it’s still not as much as Matt LeBlanc’s post-friends spin-off “Joey.” That made it to 22 episodes so I guess we have to keep going.

Andy Petranek is our guest on this episode. Andy isn’t a cop but he’s very understanding of the challenges we face. Andy has an interesting history: Marine Corps officer, professional adventure racer, trainer, and one of the first CrossFit affiliate owners at CrossFit LA.

Andy is actually Traver’s first CrossFit coach, and the guy that Traver first learned from, in some sort of Yoda/Obi- Wan Kenobi relationship.

More recently, Andy has been focusing on running his creative baby, the Whole Life Challenge – or the WLC for those in the know…ok, I don’t actually know anyone that calls it that.

The WLC is a lifestyle and habit game/contest that’s done online. When you sign up, you’re guided through an 8-week scored event where your nutrition, exercise, sleep, mobility, and other lifestyle choices are scored. You end each day with a total that goes to your overall score and at the end, you have the ability to win prizes.

But the prizes aren’t really the point. You can play the WLC by yourself, create teams, or enter as groups. CrossFit gyms often do this and it adds to the accountability.

I did the WLC a few years ago and had great success and learned a lot. Come to think of it, I’m not sure why I haven’t done it again since.

And for the record, Andy’s appearance on the show, or my talk about the WLC isn’t a sponsorship or advertisement. I just like the idea, and think that Andy has come up with something really unique and fun that can benefit people’s lives.

A new round of the WLC starts on January 16th 2016. If you sign up before Jan 4th, you get $10 knocked off your registration.

If you’re looking for something to give you motivation and direction to start of 2016, a WLC might be a good fit. Check out the website. They have a lot there to help you out.

Follow Andy on Twitter and Instagram at @AndyPetranek.

Follow the Whole Life Challenge on Instagram at @wholelifechallenge and on Twitter @wholelife.

This episode is sponsored by SB Tactical and the iCombat Active Shooter Training System. 

The iCombat Training System is an active-shooter and firearms qualification system. Think of it as laser tag for cops but with an edge.

This is not a simulation system, it’s a replication system. Because of this, you can take it anywhere. There’s no site preparation, no ammo costs, and none of the safety issues that come with live-fire or SIMS training. I hate SIMS training and to me, this system has all the benefits and none of the liabilities.

To prove that point, watch the video at sbtactical.com where they used a functioning terminal at the Burbank Airport for active shooter training with real as you can get concealment and cover and multiple agencies went through the training scenarios.


As I said in the past, I’ve used this equipment in my own department’s training and I think it’s fantastic. If you’re part of your department’s training cadre or are just bored of standing on a static line and shooting 5 rounds into a paper target as part of your firearms quals, check out the system at sbtactical.com. They’re American made, and veteran-owned.

Check out this video of two SWAT Teams reviewing the iCombat system.

And here’s a good video to walk you through how it all works.