Dr. Steve Politis has more acronyms after his name than anyone else I think I’ve ever met. So, you know he’s smart. But don’t just take it from me. Here they are:

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS)

Fellow of American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (FAAOMPT)

Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)


Steve, er…Dr. Politis, was kind enough to come on the show and let me barrage him with questions about how police work and being a member of law enforcement affects your body, and what can we do to prevent some of that damage. It’s a great episode, and I walked away with all sorts of actionable lessons.

We cover a lot of ground and you might want to grab a notepad.

  • What are his opinions on CrossFit and what he’d like to see added to the WOD’s
  • What are the biomechanic issues faced with being a police officer
  • Why your traditional running style is slowing you down, and why POSE running is getting popular
  • The importance of your anterior chain and WTF is your front butt?
  • How stability is sometimes lost in the efforts to seek mobility
  • Too ice or not too ice
  • How the vest and belt will affect your mobility and likelihood of injury
  • The importance of ankle flexibility and why it might be causing your neck problems
  • What your stretching routine should look like pre and post-workout.

We touch on Dr. Kelly Starrett, a well-known PT in the CrossFit world. I’ve been using Starrett’s book “Become a Supple Leapord since it came out to help relieve a lot of the chronic issues we deal with. A new edition of the book just came out too. Steve has a very similar mindset to Kelly about how to treat and mend the body. In fact, I’ve posted a few of Starrett’s videos below specific to police work and you’ll see that Steve and Kelly line-up in their recommendations.

This video from Kelly on his mobilitywod project is a great one for us – and it happens to have another famous podcaster as the test subject. Tim Ferris, author of the 4-Hour Workweek, 4-Hour Body, and 4-Hour Chef assists Kelly with demonstrating some stretches you can do throughout your shift.


And another great one on dealing with all that time we spend in the car.

Steve has already agreed to come back onto the show so please send us your questions. I’d love to get the listeners involved. Email me at squadroompodcast@gmail.com

As always, thanks for listening! Stay safe!